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Become the perfect chinese citizen in Social Credit Simulator! Join the ranks of high rating CCP officials as you grind social credits with favorites from the CCU (Chinese Cinematic Universe) including The Wok, Zhong Xina, Eggman and Dancing Chinese Citizen.

As you grind social credits, you can upgrade your production of social credits, purchasing multipliers that increase your amount of social credits gained on one click, which can help lead to more multiplier upgrades, and is made easier using the MAX multiplier, a feature that automatically converts your social credits to the max amount of multiplier you can get.

With your social credits, you can buy items from the shop, these are divided into 3 distinct sections, Titles, Backgrounds, and Workers,


Titles are a way to show off your rank with the world, and once you reach the Supreme Leader title, there may even be a surprise waiting for you.


Backgrounds are where your Chinese Citizen lives, which can be, but aren't limited to, The Great Wall, The City, The Farm and many more! Get to the most elite place and there might be something else.


Summon your favorite CCP Elites to help you work and grind out social credits! These people don't come for cheap though, they need your social credits to help! Hire the best person and they might do something awesome!

Other Features

- Amazing Soundtrack by the number one Social Credit Holder!

- A mute option??? (WHY?)

- Crossovers within the Scuffed Universe? (what is that?)

- Multiple Events?


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Windows Social Credit Simulator 30 MB
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yo can we have a part 2 aussie simulator XD i would love to play tese on stream

we do a bit of trolling